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The boy and the dragon

In a country far far away lived a boy. He was a happy boy with a great family and many friends. But he was also tired, very tired. Somehow the people in this country didn’t know better than that in order to survive and live, one had to work……. A lot. So did the boy; he worked a lot. He loved his job but he was always tired by the time he arrived home at night.

One day, the boy was on his way to work. His work was at walking distance from his house where he lived with his family: his parents, his grandparents, his brother and a few uncles. It wasn´t a very big house but none of the family really needed a lot of space. The boy was walking down the street thinking about the long day ahead of him and then he remembered it was the birthday of one of his uncles. It would be celebrated that night. He was already looking forward to it.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a dragon came from the sky and stopped next to the boy. The boy was scared for a second but the dragon had sweet eyes so he decided to trust him. It was a beautiful dragon, with a red brownish skin and big green eyes. Every time he exhaled, little clouds of steam left his nose. The boy was not surprised when the dragon started to talk, he had seen crazier things in his life.

The dragon said: ´Boy, I know you are tired of this life. I have something to offer you. I could take you to a country far away from here where you don’t need to work for your money and where life is all about enjoying yourself. People are always happy there and never tired.  But there is one condition: I can only take you and you need to leave your family behind. I promise you will be happy, all you have to do is trust me.´

The boy didn’t think about it for too long, he had always loved adventure and he was curious to ride a dragon, so he said yes. The dragon told him to climb on his back. The boy did and off they went. He enjoyed it so much. He saw his house from far away and for a second he thought he saw his mum hanging the laundry in their garden. He waved and then realized she couldn´t see him. For a moment he felt guilty not having said goodbye but then he realized he was on the back of a dragon, wasn’t it worth it?! They flew over flower fields, waterfalls and high mountains. The boy saw even snow for the first time of his life! Eventually they reached the clouds and the boy couldn’t believe the beauty he saw; clouds like sugar floating around in eternal blue sky and a bright white sun. But the journey was long so the boy fell asleep.

When he woke up they were just arriving to this new place the dragon had been talking about. The boy saw right away what a beautiful place it was; the nature was overwhelming and green, the people were smiling and they looked happy. Every person the boy met while getting down from the dragon´s back was nice and polite to him and invited him to all kinds of dinners and parties. For a moment he remembered it was his uncle´s birthday today and probably his family by now would be celebrating without him. But he didn’t feel bad about it, his uncle had a big family, he wouldn’t miss him.

The dragon showed the boy his new house; it wasn´t a big house or very beautiful but it was full of all kinds of food and beautiful things.

´You don’t need to work, you just need to enjoy,´ the dragon told him.

The boy couldn’t believe it and he went to bed with a smile on his face. From then on the boy slept in every morning and would not get out of bed before 11 o´clock. Every morning breakfast would be ready and somehow it was always exactly what he felt like eating. His clothes were always washed and the house seemed always freshly cleaned. The boy met a lot of great people and he went to parties every day where he ate the most amazing food. He was a happy boy.

However, after a couple of weeks he started to miss his own family and friends and at some point he got tired of doing nothing. The parties were always the same and the food after while did not surprise him anymore. When he tried to find a broom to sweep the floor of his house he couldn’t find any and he realized he was bored. The boy talked to the dragon who had become his best friend and he explained his problems. The dragon smiled and offered to return him home. The boy nodded and cried a little because somehow he knew he would never see the dragon again and he would miss his new best friend.

The trip home was just as amazing as getting there, the mountains were the favorite sight of him. When they flew over a long desert he saw camels and he just couldn’t believe his eyes.

Arriving at his house the boy invited the dragon in just to postpone the goodbye. But the dragon refused.

´I am leaving now,´ he said ´but don’t be sad. Me and my paradise are here whenever you want to. All you have to do is close your eyes and call me.´

Then he opened his mouth and blew impressive fire from his nose and mouth. He spread his red dragon wings and disappeared in the clouds.

The boy closed his eyes and whispered: ´goodbye dragon´.

When the boy turned around and entered his house his family was crying out of happiness. His mum kept hugging him and his grandmother started cooking a big meal right away. The food was not as good as in paradise but somehow it tasted better. The next morning the boy went back to his work quietly whistling out of happiness. He was happy to see his colleagues again who really were his friends and somehow the boy was less tired when the workday came to an end. It probably was because of the fact that he felt a warm breeze on his left shoulder all day long and somehow he was sure that it was the dragon. He and his paradise were always closeby.