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Writing inspiration?!

Writing inspiration?! I want to say something that might inspire other aspiring writers like me. Since I never had any formal education to become a writer (who did anyway?), I am always looking for writing tips. I subscribed myself to all the writing websites I can find and receive writing tips every week. Most of the time they are not as useful as I hope, most of it I already know; find someone to review what you write who is not your family, what words to avoid in your text, never start your story with a dream or somebody waking up from an alarm and think about cliffhangers and weird details that define characters etcetera. My obsession with writing tips is obviously linked to the idea that there is one golden tip that will make me a great and bestselling writer. I know that good writing in the end is a product of a lot of practice and creativity but I still hope that there is also the holy grail that I will find one day and will define me as a writer. And then I read something that made so much sense and was devastating at the same time. It was of somebody who actually did go to university and studied to be a writer. He said that at first it was so exciting to learn all these practical tips to become a better writer, technically speaking. But then there is the moment that you have learned all of it. The last step to that so called greatness is your own intuition and the belief that you are the writer who you are. That is the most difficult and scary part of becoming the writer you want to be. Maybe that is inspiring maybe it is not but at least it is the most valuable writing tip I have ever read so far. Maybe you are not a writer and still read this, then I think the lesson here is the same. In whatever you are doing in life, there is only so much you can learn. The rest is trusting yourself and using your intuition the right way!

Veel liefs, Adinde

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