Dear diary...


Work work work

Some weeks are just boring because all I do is work and sleep and repeat the routine (listening to Rihanna´s song work). I am sure there are more teachers out there who understand the burden of grade deadlines right?!

If I would have been a vlogger I could at least have told you what I am wearing every day or what I am eating. Although I am pretty sure nobody is really interested in that since I am way too old to be the next IT girl and I certainly do not have the money to buy a designer bag to show off.


But it does give me space in this blog to share some thoughts about things that I have seen or read lately. Right now I am reading the book ´Sapiens, a brief history of humankind´ and I find it very interesting! There are so many quotes I want to copy from this book to show you but it´s better you read it yourself. The thing that stuck the most with me was the realization that all we do is tell each other stories. Whether that is the story of capitalism or of Allah or a gossip about the neighbor, they are all stories. It is what makes us humans and not lions or pigs. Oh, and very importantly, human kind has always influenced climate change since the cognitive revolution about 70 000 years ago. Take that all you climate change deniers out there! It is real and we need to save the planet!

If you are not Dutch, skip this part. I just wanted to mention that if you still have not watched all the seasons of Dream School, you are missing out! It is such an inspiring program about how you can grow from pain and overcome your own weaknesses. Watch it!

School life

Since all I have done is work, my highlights of the last couple of weeks have happened at school. It was the international day of down syndrome and I loved to see all the students with their different socks on to show their acceptance of diversity in our society! I must admit I wear non-matching socks every day by accident but that is another story. Two students performed a rap in my class. They wrote it themselves on the death of Julius Caesar. A shout out to them, you made me so proud! And we remembered the day Bolivia lost her sea in a war with Chile. All my students made beautiful posters to tell the school about it.

day of the sea in Bolivia

Oh and I finally watched Bohemian Rhapsody and since then cannot stop singing Queen songs, what a movie! The only thing that helps though are the new songs of Dido that I found a Youtube. She is back and I couldn’t be more happier. Please come and give a concert in Bolivia, please please! See you soon with (hopefully) more interesting adventures!

Veel liefs, Adinde

My diary