Dear diary...


pancakes and the war against ants

It feels as if the
week doesn’t start until Wednesday. I mostly spend Monday and Tuesday recovering
from the weekend, I guess it means I am officially getting old. Our week is
marked by the war on ants. They have taken over the house and they seem
resistant to any kind of poison we use. Not even a nuclear bomb could kill them
it seems! By Friday we give up and I bake Dutch pancakes. Before I had lived far
away from my country I never used to bake pancakes but now every time that I
miss home, I bake pancakes. And they are delicious as always! The whole weekend
we wait for the rain to come but it never arrives. The sky is gray, the clouds
are hanging low, humidity must be somewhere around 90% but no drop is falling.
We have lunch with our nieces in the most trendy restaurant at the moment in
town. It has a playground upstairs and it is perfect if you want to eat with
kids. You eat, they play. If you can tolerate the noise level of the kids
though but that is another story. The week after on Thursday we have an
anti-bullying activity at school. Everybody wears blue and dances on Michael Jackson´s
´heal the world´, it is very cute.

However, that Thursday
morning bad news strikes our family and all of a sudden nothing matters anymore.
Staying together and trying to support each other is all that is left. Carnival
passes without us enjoying it but that is fine, carnival will return next year.
We use the time to finish the redecoration of our bedroom. We have beautiful
elegant curtains! But they are so that we sleep too many hours! We also watch a
few good movies, all in which Liam Neeson plays a part. I had not realized that
he plays in so many movies.

After the carnival
holiday it is time to return to work. We celebrate international book day on
the 7th of March. All students dress up like their favorite book character.
I go as the book fairy which you can sort of see on the picture (my best
attempt on making a selfie). Next Tuesday it will be pajama day. We have to pay
money for a fundraising and then we are allowed to wear a pajama. I can´t wait,
I´ll take any excuse not to wear the uniform we are supposed to wear as
teachers. Now that I am writing this it is Friday night and we return this
weekend to our war on ants, it is a never ending story. By the time you read
this it is Monday so tell me, how was your weekend?

Veel liefs, Adinde

My diary