Dear diary...



Some simple truths are just so true. I want to tell you about two truths that I recently realized. The first one is: the only way to change something about your life is by setting yourself small goals. Everybody wants to change their life for the better, to be a good- or a happy person. And when I decide to change and be better I tell myself that tomorrow will be the day that everything will be different, that I will be different. But it doesn´t work like that. Nobody changes over night and changing habits, an attitude or circumstances takes a lot of time. A lot of trying and failing and starting over. Therefore, the key is to set small goals every day that serve the greater objective of changing something in life. Or if it doesn’t, it gives at least the adrenaline and the confidence to tell myself: see I can do it, if I can do this then why not take the next step? So, the lesson is that small goals are the key to a happy life.

The second one is: A compliment should weigh evenly or more than an insult and never the other way around. On one day I received a compliment and a an insult. Somehow at the end of the day I only remembered the insult and felt sad about it. Until I remembered the compliment I also received that same day. Why did I forget about it and let the insult have such a big effect on me? So I told myself that from now on I will never let an insult have more weight than a compliment. And maybe, on a good day in the distant futures, I will actually even take the compliment more serious than the insult! Because why not, it makes me happy.

Veel liefs, Adinde

My diary