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Easter holiday

The Bolivians have some funny traditions during Easter. On the Friday, the Holy Friday they call it, it is forbidden to drink. All supermarkets and bars close down or don’t sell any alcohol. It is also the day that all Bolivians eat fish, and the day that fish is crazy expensive because of it. Nobody knows really why it is like that, at least the people I asked mumbled something about Christ´s body. Nobody questions it either and follows the tradition. There are some bunny´s and chocolate around but I mostly miss the Dutch tradition of the chocolate eggs, they are so good!!!!

We spent a night in a hotel relaxing because Easter to us mostly means a few good days off to relax. We did what you call now a staycation; you stay in your city but check into a hotel so that it feels like a vacation. Why? Because we didn’t feel like driving a lot and staying in a hotel with a swimmingpool, sauna and good service is the best thing in the world. At night we order room service and eat pizza in bed, it is the best holiday ever!

The week after is the most important day of the year for the Dutch, it is Kingsday! We celebrate the birthday of the Dutch King by dressing up in our national color (orange) and have a party. We do the same in Bolivia by making orange colored vodka shots and eating Dutch things like Kaas souflé and Filet Americain! Of course we stay up until late and drink all the shots. I am happy to see my Bolivian family and friends dress up in orange as well. May starts good with a day off because the first of May is Labour day. It is really bad weather when we wake up, a curtain of rain covers everything. But we don´t let it be an obstacle and drive to the small village of Buena Vista. This village is one of the few old villages in the country, founded in 1723, which is really old on this side of the world. Originally set up by the Jesuits who made it this far into the jungle to convert people to Christianity. We go there to buy coffee because there is no better coffee than the one in Buena Vista. It is completely unclear to me why we can hardly find that coffee here in our supermarkets, only an hour away. We eat lunch in the restaurant owned by a Swiss who has lived here since forever. The dessert is amazing, a swiss apple pie with vanilla sauce! Now it is a good 1 of May day.

This weekend we don’t do anything, I love weekends of relaxing and watching Netflix. I spend my time watching theories about Game of Thrones on Youtube. In a few hours it is a Game of Thrones hour again and we´ll see the fourth episode. I cannot wait, our life right now revolves around it. Who will win the iron throne??

Have a good week!

Veel liefs, Adinde

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