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Children´s day

You might find it hard to believe, or it doesn’t even interest you, but to me it is the best news ever; it seems that we have won the war against ants, for now at least. It cost a day of literally emptying the house and leaving all our things outside in the garden for a couple of hours while every little corner was sprayed on with poison. It seems it has done its work, I haven’t seen any ants in at least a week!


Did you already hear about the new website that we have? It´s called and as you can guess from the name it is all about Bolivia. For now, it is just in Dutch but have a look at it please! For an article we are writing for it we spent a couple of hours watching our aunt, tia Katy, preparing her famous Patasca. It is a soup made of corn and pig. After a couple of hours of boiling the pigshead was taken out and I was amazed how equally beautiful and horrible the head looked like! The meat just fell of the skull and went back in the soup and the tongue (apparently the best part?) was thrown back in as well. Read the article soon on the website.

The next day it was a very unexpected stormy and cold day. It almost never happens and I must admit I was kind of excited about putting on a warm jacket and a scarf, it has been so long! We went to the Acai bar in Santa Cruz, without a doubt my favorite place. Their brownie with acai icecream is insane and the acai bowl is so delicious. It is also one of the few places where they almost always have everything that is on the menu. I hate the long menus in restaurants and then finding out while ordering that half of it is not in stock because the cook forgot to go to the market that morning and buy avocado

the head of the pig is being taken out

outdoor cinema

But just as unexpected as it came the stormy weather also disappears again and we are back to wearing shorts and t-shirts in the sweaty heat. We spent Saturday afternoon having drinks with friends in a beergarden. They are hip and happening in Bolivia. The long wooden tables and self-brewed beer can be found on almost every corner in the city. Two years ago it was rare to find one and now they are everywhere! The quality of the beer varies by te way.

Yesterday it was children´s day or ´dia del nino´. You might think it is technically every day the day of a child. Especially parents would say so. But in Bolivia it is still so important to remember every year that there is still much to improve about the situation of many children in Bolivia. There are still thousands who work at a much too young age and probably the worst place to be a child is in the mines of Potosi. Many others still live on the street or are addicted to sniffing glue.

We organize a party for the kids of our family. There is a lot of noise, balloons, music, cake and we grill hamburgers. When it is dark we watch a Winnie the Pooh movie that is projected on the wall of our house. There is nothing better than an outside cinema! Although I must admit I was the probably the most excited about it because I watched the last 30 minutes on my own while the kids ran around in the dark playing with the toys they got that day. What can I say, I just love tigger.

a cinema outside!

Have a good week!

Veel liefs, Adinde

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